Monday, August 25, 2008

Goin' Golfin'

Steve has been taking the kids to the park to hit balls & they are loving it. Yesterday afternoon he decide to take them to the driving range. It was so damn HOT 102 to be exact & still they had a blast. Riley is definately the one who enjoys the most. Here are few photos & some I took afterwards during cool down. Enjoy!

Monday, August 18, 2008

We survived the first week

So the kids survived the first week of school & I did too. It was so quiet around here that is was deafening. The kids came home every afternoon with their list of new friends & what they learned that day. Their classes are similar in their curricullums but the teachers each have different teaching styles. The kids were even invited to their 1st Birthday party from a classmate that we went to on Saturday. I meet with Dakotas teacher tomorrow just to have a touch base about Dakota. Madisons teacher actually called this evening to tell me how much she enjoys having Madison in her class & that she is the little helper not just for her but for all the students. Yes at home we call her Mommy Madison. I will hopefully get some input about Riley soon from her teacher as well. Her teacher is the one I am not all that impressed with so we will see. By the end of last week I was so bored that I decided to look for a job. I went up to the outlet mall & applied at The Gap. I worked for Old Navy until I was 20 weeks pregnant with the trips as a Manager so I decided what the hell. My sweet husband is totally against me working especially in retail. I promised him it was only part time just something to fill the void in my mornings. Well Gap pretty much hired me on the spot & today was my first day. I am doing shipment & even though I was only there 4 hours (6am-10am) I was totally exhausted when I got home & so sore from all the I havent lifted anything except my children in a long time. My first day was good but we will see. So my husband decided to buy the kids a set of golf clubs this past weekend (yes real ones not the plastic kind). He took them to the park to hit balls (plastic woofle ball golf balls) & they had a blast. Suprisingly, they were all connecting with the ball. Riley is my very athletic kid & she is good at every sport. She was upset when the other two wanted to be done because they were sweating to death. When it cools down Steve can take them out to the driving range which I am sure they will all LOVE. I guess that sums up the last week for us. Ciao for now :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten

I can not believe I have 3 kids in Kindergarten. It was a very exciting morning here at our house. It was kind of chaotic once we got to the school having to deliver 3 kids to 3 different classes, drop off tons of supplies & trying not to shed any tears. We didn't get as many photos as I would of liked but I will try to get a few more when I pick them up. It is very quiet here & I totally miss them. There hasn't been a minute so far that I haven't thought of them. I know they will do very well in school as they are three very bright kids. I decided to seperate them since they have been together since birth & this will really give them a chance to spread their wings. They each have very strong personalities and they are constantly competing with each other which makes it hell here at home sometimes. This time away from each other every day will hopefully help, at least that is what I am hoping for. Here are some photos from this morning that I turned into one of those Scarpblogs. Later...

Sunday, August 03, 2008

A fun Summer Day

A few days ago my sister-in-law forwarded a blog to me that talked about making "Rag Jewelry" (the blog is "A Friend to Knit With"). It looked like fun so this morning I went to Walmart to get some Bandanas & my sister-in-law went to JoAnns in search of some cool fabric so that we could make "Rag Jewelry". Here is a photo of some of the fabric. Here is how to make them....(straight off "A Friend to Knit With" Blog) Start with either a Bandana or light weight fabric. Cut your bandanna in a strip. About 1 1/2 inches wide. And put that rotary cutter down. No perfect cuts here. Just use scissors and make sure you cut it all "choppy". (It will fray better.) Kids do a great job at this. Then, get the strip wet. I lied to my children and told them that they work best if you use a natural body of water. A lake. A river. A creek. An ocean. A pool. (Not natural? Really?) Anything but the kitchen sink. It just made it seem like a better summer project if you make it outside. And then, twist. It works really great if you put one end in your mouth. And hold it with your teeth. And then hold the other end, and start twisting. Not too tight, or it will curl. And not too loose, or it will lay too flat. And then tie it on the body part of choice. Wrist, ankle, or neck. DO NOT TIE TOO TIGHT. They shrink a little when they dry. Then, cut the excess fabric from the knot, and let the fraying begin! Here are some photos of what we made today out by the pool. BTW the kids LOVED it & I did too. I have on Pretty Cool huh. The idea is to tie them on & not take them off. They will begin to fray. Who knows maybe you will start a new fad in your area. Have fun I know we did. Ciao

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You must check this out....

OMG this is the best website if you have a creative bone in your body you must go there. Actually you really don't have to be all that creative they have pre-made templates to choose from. I have OCD & this is truely my new obsession. If you want to see some that I have created try this link. if that doesnt work try a people search & put in PHXLULU. Here is a bit of an update on us. We finally got news that the kids were accepted to the school we were hoping for. They are very excited & so am I. I can't believe school starts Aug. 11th, I never started school until after Labor Day. Since there are three kindergarten classes I requested the kids be seperated. I am a bit nervous about that as I think Dakota is going to have a hard time at first, he is our sensitive child & tends to be very emotional. I think I cried on the first day of school every year until 8th grade. I have no idea why I did but I did. The Summer has been nice here in AZ "Hot as Hell" but nice. The kids have been swimming everyday for 2-3 hours. I can't believe how well they are swimming after just learning 3 weeks ago. I mean these kids are diving into the deep end to retreive things on the bottom of the pool. No formal lessons just me as their coach. They are little brown berries. So cute! We have been spending a lot of time with the in-laws which the kids enjoy very much. We have been going to dinner with friends & family a few times a week as well without kids which has been very nice for Steve & I. He has been working so much in his new job but he really seems to be liking it. Ok well thats it for now Ciao

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Lightning Fast Update....

So we have been in AZ for just over 2 weeks. It took two months to pack the old house & less than a week to unpack. I can not stand to live out of boxes it drives me nuts to not be accessible to all my stuff. Speaking of stuff... We had two major garage sales, numerous drop offs at the Salvation Army truck, tons of trash, a house that is 1000sf bigger than our lasthouse & still I have to much STUFF. I mentioned on another post that I am convinced our stuff fucked in the back of the big rig & created more stuff because truely where else did it come from? So the house is so nice & roomy & its wonderful that we have pool. It took the kids one week to learn to swim & yes I taught them all by myself. YEA MOM!!!!! It truely is HOTTER than HELL here just as I remebered. Madison told me that is was too HOT & we needed to move back to our old I don't think she was kidding either. We are in the middle of Monsoon season right now so every afternoon just as we are getting out of the pool the clouds are rolling in & the wind picks up. If we are lucky we get an incredible light show & even some rain. We had a BBQ with family on the fourth & actually went to see fireworks on the 3rd up at Anthem with some friends & family both were a good time. I am enclosng some photos of the new house & the kids dressed for fireworks. This was the first time in 5 years we weren't with my Dad on his Birthday (4th of July). We also had a tradition of spending it with our triplet friends & always getting a pictures of the kids together. I really missed that this year. Well thats it for now just wanted to say "we survived".....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Still Here...

So I am still here in CA packing. I can't believe this time next week the movers will be here. I am still getting phone calls daily about renting this house but still no takers. Sorry folks but I can't go any lower. I had two people take the paperwork & acted like they were going to fill it out immediately and bring it right back WTF... Seriously dont take me paperwork if you really don't want the place. On another note some how over the past week I have caught a fucking cold. I am the only one thank god, but how in the hell does the massive germaphobe get a cold? I haven't felt sick I just have a wicked cough & tons of snot, so fucking gross. OK so I am off once again to pack up some more shit. Ta Ta for now

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I HATE Packing!!!!

So 21 days till the movers come. I am packing a few boxes a day & still not making a dent. I am feeling completely overwhelmed these days. Packing totally sucks... I miss my husband so much he is such a big help. Tomorrow is finally the last day of pre-k for the kids. They have really excelled in the past 5 months & I am so proud of them. Now I just need to make sure they don't forget any of the stuff they learned over the next few months. With them out of school it will free up some more time to pack.. YIPPPEEE! Maybe I can put them to work packing...They love helping so why not right? I felt like I had so much to say but my mind is mush tonight. I guess all I needed to do was complain about packing. So there you have it... Nite Nite

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Neverending Tattoo, Packing & Death....

So Saturday we went yet again to have work done on S's massive back piece. My god this tattoo goes on forever. Each time he gets a little closer to the end. It is going to be great & very expensive when it is finally finished. We decided to take the kids this time since the new shop is so huge. They were really good. I packed the leapsters, some coloring books & colored pencils & of course their lunch. They never once complained. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket We had a nice weekend with S but had to take him to the airport & say goodbye yet again. Even with it being a 3 day weekend it went by so fast. We wont see him again for 2 weeks. I need to get packing on this place there is so much to do & I have zero motivation to do it. I feel so overwhelmed with this. I have been packing a box here & there but thats about it not making a dent at all. I feel like the movers will show up June 19th & I will not be ready at all. lol... My Uncle died this morning. He was having terrible headaches & nosebleeds for a while & finally decided to go to the Dr. to check it out. Seems he had a tumor in the sinus area. He has been doing chemo now for a few months & has been in & out of the hospital. This last time he had an infection in the port area. I really dont know if it was the infection that he died from or the actual Cancer. He was a little man to begin with but this really wiped him out. He lost tons of weight & was sick all the time from the chemo. Cancer is an awful thing. He was only in his late 40's. Life can really deal you a shit hand......Why do things like this happen????? Goodnight

Friday, May 23, 2008

Crowded Teeth

So we went to the dentist yesterday. My kids have been going since the age of 2 & can you believe I have never taken a photo of them. So even though I am like 3 years late since their first visit I decided to snap a few. They also got their first x-rays yesterday & did a great job. My girls have the prettiest baby teeth perfectly straight. D on the other hand has some pretty crowded baby teeth. I never had to have any teeth pulled seems I had a big enough mouth to accommodate all my teeth. S on the other hand had at least 2 teeth pulled maybe even 4 when he got his braces as a kid. I always thought the girls would have my teeth & D would get the crowded mouth like daddy. Well from looks of those x-rays D is going to be the first to lose a tooth & will probably happen in the next 6 months & his big teeth look like they are twisting and coming down into a crowded mouth. M will probably lose hers 2nd 6 months to a year & her top two are also twisting & entering into a crowded mouth. R will be the last to lose hers at least a year away she has more room than the others but still a crowded mouth. Can I just say YUCK my poor kids are going to have funky looking twisted teeth. Now I know this is just what the dentist is predicting & of course I wont really know the outcome until I see the final product. Say a little prayer that we end up with pretty decent Ciao Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So I'm Not Dying

So I went to the Dr. today to have my numerous ailments checked out. You would be proud I acted like a BIG girl & did not cry. Ok so I did cry but I didn't get hysterical like I always do. I only shed a few scared tears for like 2 minutes tops. I guess I am permanetly scarred going to see the Dr. from all our fertility problems in the past. Ok so it seems I definately have killer allergies (kinda already new that but since I was there I asked)... My headaches the really bad ones (not the ones caused from my allergies) seem to be according to my Dr. MIGRAINES... FUCK! They might also be triggered from hormones. It seems I am getting the "KILLER" ones right before my new pack of pills start each month. And... It seems my stupid endometriosis is probably back. I am going to start taking the pill continuosly to see if that will help. Ok well thats it for my news. I am off to watch JUNO. Ciao Bella

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Layout Crazy!!!!!

This layout crap is driving me nuts... WTF! Why can I not figure this out? Why does this have to be so damn difficult? I want my Blog to NOT be all in a row... I am doing everything it shows in the "customize" section. Placing all my elements then I save check out my BLOG & nothing. UGH!!!!!! I have tried every different layout. I am throwing in the towel. Ciao

Monday, May 19, 2008

Here I Is Again....

So it only took me 2 weeks to write again. The sad part is I thought about it everyday but just couldn't do it. Pathetic I know.....So my sweet husband was home this weekend which was nice since we haven't seen him in 2 weeks.I think I mentioned in my last post that he is now living in AZ & we will be moving there the 3rd weekend in June. The kids really miss S so much & so do I. I have one stubborn child who has really been acting out since he has been gone & honestly I don't know what to do. She is really stubborn & just has such major attitude thats its almost unbearable to be around her. I find myself out of ideas on how to punish her. She totally talks back which just blows me away.. I mean come on your 5 years old where in the hell do you learn this crap. Its crazy how she has to have the last word for everything. She has even told me that she just doesnt know how to be good. Her latest thing is telling me "whatever". This she gets from my lovely Mother. Thanks MOM! The other 2 D & R have been doing ok without daddy. R has been very clingy towards me just a lot of hugs & kisses. D has actually been really good. They are all doing good in school especially D. He is my perfectionist at everything. Super artistic, great at math & even language arts. The weird thing is he will answer a question when we are doing school but when it comes to writing the answer on the paper its like he hasn't got a clue & all of a sudden doesn't remember. Maybe I should be watching this more So the girls went to the cutest party this past weekend. It was a Hanna Montana themed party & it was so much fun. They had to come dressed like a "rockstar". They got their hair done, nails done, tattoos & make-up. Then they did karaokee. This is a photo before we left the house. Photobucket The weather has been really hot out for the past week. We have been spending a lot of time outside playing in our kid pool. I have decided to only allow the kids to wear the swimsuits with the rash guard top. I am going to try and preserve their beautiful skin for a while especially since we are moving back to AZ & we will be living in the pool until school starts. I need to get one for myself because putting sunscreen on all my tattoos is just a big ol' pain in the ass oh & I guess I want to protect my skin as well. Saturday night S & I went to one of my dearest friends 40th Birthday party. It was a really good time. Got to visit with a lot of old friends so that made for a nice time as well. I still have a year & 5 months till I turn 40. Whos counting right??? I really can't believe I will be 39 in Oct. I just dont feel that old. My body does some days but I know I do not act my age at all. So speaking of my body I have finally made a Dr.'s appointment for a physical. The headaches are just becoming to much to handle. I also think my fucking endometriosis is back with a vengance. I get the most killer pains in my abdomen when aunt flo is here. Something has got to be wrong. Wish me luck I hate going to the doctor. I am the biggest baby & for some reason I cry because I just know something terrible must be Ok well its time to feeding time at the zoo. Ciao for now

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Massive Catch Up...

Oh my its been ages since I have posted seriously almost 2 years ago. I had to update this old thing as it had cobwebs. So the last time I posted the kids were about to start pre-school. Well they started in Sept. of 06' & loved it. We decided in Dec. of 06' that we needed a bigger house & so we bought one on contingency that our house would sell. Put the house on the market in Jan 07' had an open house every weekend with prospective buyers but the housing market was crashing right before our eyes & the lookers figured out they could get a "brand new" house for next to nothing. We kept our house on the market until June 07' & finally threw in the towel, we were stuck in our small house for a while. We of course had to back out of the house we were going to purchase. Thank god it was a contingent sale & we didn't lose any money. Well with S working for Lennar building homes & the market crashing our life was getting scarey as far as stability was going. It seemed like every 6 weeks they were having big layoffs. Thankfully my dear husband is excellent at what he does & he made it through every one of them. He did however get asked to take a step down from a Construction Manager to an Assistant Construction Manager & a paycut. He agreed to it because it meant still having a job. Well let me back up a bit here I left some stuff out... Since I knew for sure we were going to be moving & our cute house was for sure going to sell I pulled the kids out of pre-school in March because there was no way I was going to drive 1/2 hour there & back for them to only be in school a few hours 3 days a week. Well I jumped the gun on that one didn't I. We also asked my Mom to move out here to be with us (she was living in AZ & was miserable & lonely) & there was going to be all this room in our "new" house. Ok so you getting the picture we are fucking cramped in this house. Well since I pulled the kids out of pre-school early I decided to order this pre-school pack on line from this company called "The Learning Box". It was actually a really great curriculumn & my Mom did class with the kids 5 days a week for 2 hours a day. Ok so that brings us through to about June of 07'. What happened next???? Oh mommy brain really sucks. Oh yes I was on the committee for my 20 year reunion...OUCH!... It was such a blast being a part of that. I didnt make it to my 10 year so I was totally looking forward to this one. It turned out awesome & totally blew away everyones expectations. It was really great seeing so many people after 20 years. During the summer we started D in Karate & he is still going strong just got his orange belt this past Saturday. GO D! We started R & M in Ballet last Fall which they are just crazy about & they have their first BIG recital coming up at the end of June. Their dance is to Beauty & the Beast. I can't wait to see them perform on the big stage. It better go well their damn costumes were $60 each. WTF! Getting ahead of myself again... So after my 20 year reunion we spent a week down in Carlsbad. Of course keeping with our family tradition of terrible things happening when we travel our week was right when southern california was on fire. There were fires everywhere except Carlsbad. It made for a real shitty time at the beach or laying by the pool. We did get to go to Legoland with the kids & had a really good time other than that we played a lot of games & even did a puzzle woo hoo we are one wild and crazy bunch. So after the wild fire week in Carlsbad it was time for Halloween. The kids absolutely LOVE Hallowen R was a Cat M was a Witch & D was Spideyman. This was the 3rd year in a row that we've gone to Papas neighborhood to trick or treat. It is the perfect amount of houses to hit & super kid friendly. See photo I have no fucking clue how to get the damn picture down here.
The kids celebrated their 5th birthday at Pump it Up & had the time of their life with all their buddies. It was so worth the money not to have all those people at my house & no mess to clean up. We had their party early since they are Christmas Eve kids & who wants to come to a birthday party right before Christmas. Speaking of Christmas the kids got some great stuff. We opened presents first thing & then headed over to Papas house for breakfast presents there. S decided to take the kids to AZ for a few days to visit his family. I was totally not into making the 5 hour trip in the car with the kids & was really in need of some me time. They came home late New Years Eve actually arrived right after midnight. It was nice to have them home...of course until the next morning when all the chaos of 5 year old triplets had me screaming again. Once the new year started I began homeschooling the kids in pre-k through our local charter school. They are doing awesome in school. I have figured out however that I am a suck ass teacher and I have zero patients. I am definately my mothers daughter. My kids are all so totally different fro each other. R is super smart & I feel will do really well in school she will be book smart for sure. She is however the biggest fucking whiner & it drives me fucking crazy. M is also smart but very impatient. She is always in a big hurry to be first it gets old real quick. Hey M that picture would look GREAT if you would just take your time... SLOW DOWN life really isn't about always being first. She even hates the fact that she wasn't first D also a smart but second guesses himself all the time. He is extremely artistic & his printing is impecable. Here is our BIG news.. After surviving all the layoffs S was offered a position with a company in AZ. He went for two interviews & then got the offer. The part that sucks is its in AZ UGH!!!! I hate AZ. Fucking Furnace Ass Hot Arizona. Well after talking about it non stop for a week, weighing all the pros & cons, & deciding that we really had no stability with his job he decided to accept the offer. Well since you know we still have our house here & the market still sucks for selling it looks like we are going to try & rent it out. Thank god we have excellent neighbors who will watch over our house & my Dad living nearby if there are any major problems he can take care of them for us. S gave his two week notice with Lennar & was really bummed out, they too were equally bummed to lose him. They gave him a great going away party. He left on Sunday the 27th (April). His buddy Brian drove him to AZ & they took a bunch of crap with them. Thankfully we had 2 HUGE garage sales the two weekends before he left & got rid of tons of shit. Funny thing is people really only buy the shit stuff & never the good stuff. WHATEVER! My Mom the kids & I aren't moving to AZ until the weekend of the 21st at the end of June. We need to finish up the school year & also the Ballet recital. We have started to pack things up.... This past weekend was my Dads wedding, wife #3. The kids were all in it & did great. D was the ring Bearer & the girls were flower girls. They looked really adorable. Lots of awwww's from the guests. My brother & I walked my Dad down the isle. It turned out to be a very beautiful wedding. So I mentioned this is the 3rd wife right? My Dad has remained friends with the other two (my Mom & my brothers Mom) mostly because he really hates confrontations he just remains the nice guy. Ok back to the story.. All wives were present at the wedding. My mother decides to ask the new wife if she would like the photographer to take a photo of all "three" wives. Wife #3 laughs out loud & says ABSOLUTELY. They grab the photographer & explain the picture they want, he is totally beside himself. He says this is a first for him & that he is actually blown away that the ex's are even at the wedding. To top it off they get my Dad & have him sprawl out in front of them & wife #2 puts her shoe on his back wraps her scarf around his neck & gives it to wife #3. It was the funniest damn picture. I'm sure a moment the photographer will never forget. Who knows maybe it will make his Ok so I believe I have caught up on our lives. I didnt even get to mention that I hate 5 year olds. I will save that for the next post. I really hope to be updating more often. Ciao for now