Sunday, August 03, 2008

A fun Summer Day

A few days ago my sister-in-law forwarded a blog to me that talked about making "Rag Jewelry" (the blog is "A Friend to Knit With"). It looked like fun so this morning I went to Walmart to get some Bandanas & my sister-in-law went to JoAnns in search of some cool fabric so that we could make "Rag Jewelry". Here is a photo of some of the fabric. Here is how to make them....(straight off "A Friend to Knit With" Blog) Start with either a Bandana or light weight fabric. Cut your bandanna in a strip. About 1 1/2 inches wide. And put that rotary cutter down. No perfect cuts here. Just use scissors and make sure you cut it all "choppy". (It will fray better.) Kids do a great job at this. Then, get the strip wet. I lied to my children and told them that they work best if you use a natural body of water. A lake. A river. A creek. An ocean. A pool. (Not natural? Really?) Anything but the kitchen sink. It just made it seem like a better summer project if you make it outside. And then, twist. It works really great if you put one end in your mouth. And hold it with your teeth. And then hold the other end, and start twisting. Not too tight, or it will curl. And not too loose, or it will lay too flat. And then tie it on the body part of choice. Wrist, ankle, or neck. DO NOT TIE TOO TIGHT. They shrink a little when they dry. Then, cut the excess fabric from the knot, and let the fraying begin! Here are some photos of what we made today out by the pool. BTW the kids LOVED it & I did too. I have on Pretty Cool huh. The idea is to tie them on & not take them off. They will begin to fray. Who knows maybe you will start a new fad in your area. Have fun I know we did. Ciao

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