Monday, August 21, 2006

My life & my trio.....

Wow its been months since an update. Many mornings I get up get the kids breakfast make myself some green tea tell myself I need to sit down & write & then I search EBAY or read everything else others have to say & completely blow off writing. We have had a super mellow summer & its hard to believe that it is going to be coming to an end soon. UGH! as HOT as it has been I don't know if I am ready for the cold & all the nasty germs winter brings. Being a germ phobe can really be a bummer. The kids start preschool on Sept. 6th. They will go mon-wed-fri from 8:45 to noon. It isn't your typical preschool. It is actually at a womans house in her garage that she has completely converted into a school room. She was a teacher prio to having her own children & decided 12 years ago to open her own preschool at home. She only has 8 children & her curriculum (sp?) is great. The price isn't bad either. There is a downside, she only had two spots left which means that only two will be going. Since her school year mimics the regular school year there is nine months so we decided that D & R would go together for the first 3 months then I would pull R out & put M in then after those three months pull D out & put R back in. They will each get 6 months total. It will also allow me some much needed one on one time with my kids. They have been very difficult lately & it is been very trying. I feel like I am constantly being told NO. When you are out numbered it sucks. My girls have very strong personalities (like and they don't back down. They still make me & S laugh everyday with the things they say. The other day R saw a lady running down our street & asked me if she was running to go find new kids. It cracked me up... I also had some french rolls up in a basket that went moldy I was saying what a bummer & R chimmed in asking me if the bagels turned into hotdogs. I guess because the french rolls are long and skinny & the bagels are usually in that basket it looked that way to her. Thank God for the laughter.... We have been going to the beach a lot on the weekends for the past few months. My kids have become very comfortable with the ocean & are little beach bums. They love collecting shells, playing in the sand & jumping the waves. Its always a good time for all of us. We spent this past weekend up at Grammy T's cabin in Lake Arrowhead & had a good time. The kids loved the boat thought it was so cool when we went fast. Of course they all got to drive the boat on Uncle B's lap. We have fortunatley stayed virus free this summer only a small cold that lasted only a few days. I HATE sickies. I even took my kids to Chucky Cheese for a birthday party for their cousin & I swore I would never go there. Of course we did have a week long scare after it because it turns out one of the kids at the party had lice. I was so pissed but what can you do right.... Thankfully we never got it...whewwwwwwww! My Mom is coming for a visit on the 31st of this month for a two week visit. I am so looking forward to this. I miss her a lot. She does drive me a bit nuts but doesn't every parent. S & I got tickets to see the Foo Fighters on the same day my Mom arrives I am sooooooooo looking forward to that. We also got tickets to see James Blunt in Nov. our triplet friends D & D got some too so that will be GREAT to spend an evening with them. S & I use to go to concerts all the time before the kids were born. Some people go to movies we went to concerts. Its our only time to have date night now. I know that I have tons more to say but life escapes me at this moment. Ciao for now....

Thursday, May 04, 2006

This Damn Cold!

UGH! It's 5:27am & I have been up since 4:00am just lying in bed trying to get back to sleep. I have this damn sinus cold that is driving me NUTS. I can't take nightime cold medicine because it screws with me & I know that but still I took some before bed because I could not breathe. It helps me to sleep for a few hours but then it puts me in like a twighlight stage where my eyes are closed but my mind is totally awake. F*cking bizarre & totally annoying. I'm sure I am going to be pleasant today...LOL NOT! So what is new with me.. Well lets see, my daughter M is driving me crazy. I know she is three & three is that wonderful age where they test the boundries, but come on this kid test continuously. Everything is a struggle with her. My other two aren't much better, but M she is just such a thorn in my ass these days. She's not like a "Nanny 911" kid but my god some days she is pretty damn close. My sister in law & brother in law have been here all week & they think are kids are very well behaved but even this time they are seeing how trying she is. They leave on Sunday & that same day my mom comes in for a week visit, hopefully she will have some suggestions on how to help with M's behavior. So last week when D was here with her triplets she brought over her sandwich maker to make the kids grilled cheese. She decided to leave it here so we could try it out. Yeah, thanks D we LOVE it! We have made sandwiches in it everyday. Yesterday I went & bought one at Robinsons so we can give hers back. We have had turkey & cheese sandwiches with a little jelly (makes it taste like a monte cristo), grilled cheese, tuna melts & even peanut butter & jelly. I can't tell if I like it more or the kids. If you don't have one you have to go get one it is wonderful. It makes a boring sandwich taste sooooooo GOOD. Well the sun is coming up & S will be getting up soon to go to work so I guess I will try & lay back down to catch a few more z's before the trips get up. Tootles

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Busy Busy Busy...

I have been trying for what seems like forever to get on here & post. I tried yesterday & wouldn't you know it the site was down. Well the trio & I have been BUSY. To start we had a wonderful Easter. The kids woke up took a bath got dressed & then S & I told them to wait in the hallway to make sure the Easter bunny had visited our house. Of course we were just getting the cameras ready so we could capture their expressions when then saw their loot. They came around the corner and their little eyes were the size of 1/2 dollars...We aren't real big on giving our kids candy so the Easter bunny brought them stuff for the pool/beach, new jammies, new underwear, jump ropes & some new books. They also got a new toy each. Our friends came over after noon and we had a easter egg hunt. They had a blast! The weather was beautiful, thankfully. We all then enjoyed a nice dinner together & called it a night. Perfect day... The weather around here has just been so crazy.... Hot, Warm, Rainy, Cold... UGH! I never know if I need to turn on the heat or open the doors and let the beautiful weather in. After Easter we had a warm week which allowed us to use our new pool (just a big blow up pool we bought from Costco). Our friends came over two days (maybe it was three days) in a row & we had fun all day outside. The kids LOVED the pool. I was a good mommy & put sunscreen on my kids but I neglected myself and burned the shit out of my chest. I am now peeling & I have a patch of sun poisening. What an idiot! I'm 36 wouldn't you think I would know better. I'm paying for it now. Wednesday was my friends birthday so after a day in the pool we got ready & we all went to dinner at Islands. Such a GREAT place for small kids. It was good time for all. So on to something else...the kids have been saying the funniest things lately of course now that I am ready to write all these funny things down I am having "mommy brain" & can't remember one thing. They just speak so well & amaze me/us everyday. Of course the speaking well also allows them to talk back to us. We have been using a bar of soap for all the talking back. It has only been used a few times but the threat works wonders. Three, three year olds can be very trying at times. As for the potty training issues we had a few weeks ago with my son that seems to be fixed. Of course yesterday he waited to long to get on the potty to poop & it must of been coming out while he was scooting himself up onto the seat. He did try to clean it up himself but it was everywhere on the front of the seat. EEWWWWW Gross! Like I've said before never a dull moment. We did have lunch with our friends yesterday at Chilis & then enjoyed "free" ice cream day at Ben & Jerry's. In case anyone is wondering, our friends that I keep referring to is my friend D & her 3 year old triplets. As you can see we keep each other sain & our kids are the best of friends so we try to do tons of stuff together. Well thats it for now. Ciao!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

What a Week...

AHHHH! What a wonderful week we had with our company. My Best Friend & her two children (A 15yrs & L 9yrs) came in from LV NV last Saturday. My friend, myself & my husband drove into Palm Desert that afternoon to visit with some old friends we hadnt seen in YEARS. Wow have people Ok so the girls still looked great for the most part but the guys have really aged. None the less it was a good time. Sunday we spent the day shopping and hanging out. Monday & Tuesday a little more shopping & a little more hanging out. Its great having the adult conversation and having A & L here to entertain the triplets. We decided that we would go to CA Adventure park on Wednesday. We got to the park at about noon & didn't leave until after 10. It was a very long day for all but it was so much fun. We had zero meltdowns which is always a plus +++++..... My Aunt & Cousins were also at the park as were some friends of my friend from NV. Thursday we woke up TIRED..... My husband, my friend & myself got up and went to Pacific Beach to be tattooed (again) by Randy.... ( ) S got his side done & it looks incredible but I have never seen him in so much pain. He got an old ship right on his rib cage...OUCHY! He looked miserable the entire time. Poor I got my other wrist done with three cherry blossoms one for each of the kids. It was much more painful than my other wrist. It felt like I was having my wrist slit with tiny razor blades. Another friend of ours that we hadn't seen for years joined us at the shop for some interesting conversation. Another llllooooonnngggg day..... Thank god for A she is a wonderful babysitter. Well sadly Friday morning our friends had to leave...... Good thing though because it poured all day. Tomorrow is Easter and our good friend D & her triplets are coming over for the day. It should be a nice day out & I know the kids are looking forward to it. Till next time.. Ciao

Friday, April 07, 2006

Happy Friday!

Well we survived yet another week as three year olds....LOL.... We had rainy weather Mon-Wed so we were going a bit stir crazy. We did venture out on Wed. (between rainfall) to meet our friends at the mall for lunch & a visit with the Easter Bunny. Yesterday was a beautiful day & our friends came over for a playdate. Our kids get a long so good together its always fun to have them around. Of course the mommy conversation is always a HUGE plus too. I almost forgot Wed. was mine & S's 9 year Anniversary. He got off early from work which was so nice. My Dad came over at about 5:30 to babysit & S & I headed out to dinner. Our plans were to eat at the Mission Hotel in Riverside but when we got there all the restaurants were packed & there was a waiting list so we ventured across the street to a restaurant called Marios. They too were packed but had seating available in the bar. It was a very sophisticated and elegant place so even the bar area was nice. We had tickets to see Ron White the comedian at 8pm so we couldnt wait for a table & settled for the bar area. Our dinner was faulous & we even shared a dessert. The whole night was very relaxing & Ron White was hilarious. Oh did I mention I have been PMS'ing like a mad woman all week? UGH! its been awful. I swear I never had PMS like this before children. I'm a maniac.......Well I am very excited about this weekend my very best friend & her two children (9 & 15) are coming for a week. We always have a blast when they are here & the kids LOVE them. We have been friends since the 7th grade so we go way back. Well I guess I will write a little about the kids now. The kids are three as I have mentioned before & they are very sweet, loving, caring, friendly, smart, happy oh & the BIG one DEFIANT..... Oh my if I say yes they say NO if I say its hot they say their COLD if I say stop running they run FASTER... Your getting the picture right? DEFIANT, DEFIANT DEFIANT! I know they are just testing their boundries at this age but does it have to be with everything they do? We have also taken up putting soap in their teeth for sassing us. One of my daughters got it twice the other day & I had to laugh (to myself) because while she was standing there with the soap in her teeth she yelled out "NOT AGAIN". My kids speak very well for three year olds & they LOVE to repeat what they hear. I have a very bad habit of NOT watching what I say around them and the other day my daughter R repeated one of my sayings..Not once but twice...I have told them it is a Mommy saying & that they are not to say those kinds of things & that Mommy is going to work on not saying bad things also. I know I am the one at fault here & I need to watch my trucker mouth a bit closer. More POWER to me! Well its time to clean the house for our company. Till next time. Ciao

Monday, April 03, 2006

AHHHH a Nice Weekend....

Well, we had a nice weekend. The kids & I & our friends (D & her triplets) went shopping all day on Saturday & spent way to much money. The kids were all GREAT. We then came back to our house for some dinner and playtime. Sunday we went to breakfast, did the grocery store as a family (I HATE to market alone) and then S washed the Suburban for me & the kids played outside. The weather man keeps calling for rain but we havent had any. I want SPRING to arrive already. Winter use to be my favorite time of year but since the kids have come along I can't stand it. I am a complete germ phobe & I am absolutely paranoid of my kids geting the stomache flu which is running rampid right now. I santize, sanitize & then sanitize some more. Puke is so gross! I myself haven't thrown up since I was in the 4th grade I am now 36 years old...LOL.... I can't imagine what it will be like when all three end up with the pukies at the same time.....YUCK! Well here is to a wonderful week ahead.... Ciao!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

P, P & More P.....

What is happening with my son? He has been totally potty trained for about 6 weeks now. He sleeps through the night with no accidents and has very few since he has been potty trained. Here is my problem.. For the past 3 days he has had 5 accidents. I don't know what the deal is but its driving me crazy. He recently stopped sucking his thumb, so what is this his new vice peeing in his pants. Its like he is waiting to go until the very last second & then by the time he gets in the bathroom he can't make it to the toilet so he pees in his pants right next to the potty. I can only wash the carpet so many f*cking times. So this morning I have decided that I will set the timer & every hour he will have to go to the bathroom. This is not a good set back..... Oh calgon take me away.....Ciao

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It's Never to Late...Right?

My kids, who happen to be triplets are 3 years & 3 months old and I am just now starting to write about them. I have always been that person who wanted to journal but never did. Pathetic!.... I know. A very good friend of mine showed me that she has been doing this for years so I thought what the Hell I'll give it a shot. I have listened to my Mother tell me for the past 3 years that I should be writing down all the things the kids do & say in their Baby book. Are you kidding me! Those books are so stupid. There is no room to write & the questions they ask are lame. So I guess this is where my journaling will begin.... Stay tuned our lives are anything but "BORING"!