Thursday, May 04, 2006

This Damn Cold!

UGH! It's 5:27am & I have been up since 4:00am just lying in bed trying to get back to sleep. I have this damn sinus cold that is driving me NUTS. I can't take nightime cold medicine because it screws with me & I know that but still I took some before bed because I could not breathe. It helps me to sleep for a few hours but then it puts me in like a twighlight stage where my eyes are closed but my mind is totally awake. F*cking bizarre & totally annoying. I'm sure I am going to be pleasant today...LOL NOT! So what is new with me.. Well lets see, my daughter M is driving me crazy. I know she is three & three is that wonderful age where they test the boundries, but come on this kid test continuously. Everything is a struggle with her. My other two aren't much better, but M she is just such a thorn in my ass these days. She's not like a "Nanny 911" kid but my god some days she is pretty damn close. My sister in law & brother in law have been here all week & they think are kids are very well behaved but even this time they are seeing how trying she is. They leave on Sunday & that same day my mom comes in for a week visit, hopefully she will have some suggestions on how to help with M's behavior. So last week when D was here with her triplets she brought over her sandwich maker to make the kids grilled cheese. She decided to leave it here so we could try it out. Yeah, thanks D we LOVE it! We have made sandwiches in it everyday. Yesterday I went & bought one at Robinsons so we can give hers back. We have had turkey & cheese sandwiches with a little jelly (makes it taste like a monte cristo), grilled cheese, tuna melts & even peanut butter & jelly. I can't tell if I like it more or the kids. If you don't have one you have to go get one it is wonderful. It makes a boring sandwich taste sooooooo GOOD. Well the sun is coming up & S will be getting up soon to go to work so I guess I will try & lay back down to catch a few more z's before the trips get up. Tootles