Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good Grief

Seriously, I haven't updated since Aug. 08'? Now I am so far behind I don't even know what to talk about. Well lets see.....The kids are doing incredible in Kindergarten & I am so proud of them. In December they each had a Holiday program at school & it was so cute. I of course cried. Dakota my emotional kid, brokedown half way through his second song. I think he realized all eyes were on him & he freaked. Why are boys such babies???? On the 20th of December my sister in law & brother in law had their second baby. Olivia Gray Hughes. Our poor family all 5 grandchildren are born in December. On the 24th the Three-Plets turned 6. They each made their own Birthday cakes that day. We had a small party with just family. I am thinking about doing a party before school gets out so they can celebrate with their friends. My Dad & Valerie came in Christmas Day which was so nice. Since my father in law doesnt get along with my Dad we had to celebrate with them first thing in the morning. Such a pain in the ass. Whatever! The day after Christmas started 6 weeks of sickness in our house. It was fevers, snot, some vomit & diarehha. We would be well for a few days and then it would hit again. Madison & Riley got it the worst both of them had numerous Dr. visits & two rounds of anti-biotics. Madison missed 6 days of school & Riley 5. The Dr. thinks Madisons sickness is somewhat related to allergies. It seems two of her sicknesses happened right after we did two big hikes. She has been taking Claritan daily now for the past 2 weeks & is doing better. I guess she isn't use to the desert plant life yet. Besides hiking with the kids we also tried ice skating & tennis. All the new activities have been so much fun. They also started T-Ball this past week. Dakota cried yet again at the first practice thankfully Steve was there to help coach & after the first 15 minutes Dakota sucked it up & had a great time. I have lots of photos but unfortunately I have broken yet another computer so until I figure out how to get my photos off the broken computer I wont be able to load any. I almost forgot, we have a new dog named Chloe & she is a Shih Tzu. We had her for 10 days when Madison dropped her and broke one of her front legs in two places. So our already expensive dog now has set us back $5 grand due to the surgery needed to repair her bones. What the HELL were we thinking getting a dog. Small dogs are cute & all but they are high maintenance. They are hard to potty train, fragile & they bite & bark a lot. PITA! I can't remember if I mentioned before that I went back to work for the Gap after the kids started school. Anywho the store I was working for had the worst management team running the store that I decided to seek emplyment elsewhere. I wanted to stay in retail because that is what I know & love. I applied at Gymboree & got a part time assistant manager position. I LOVE it there. It is small & quaint & it helps support my shopping addiction. Ok so I believe I have covered the last 5 months. I really need to keep up but time just seems to get away from me. Ciao for now