Monday, August 18, 2008

We survived the first week

So the kids survived the first week of school & I did too. It was so quiet around here that is was deafening. The kids came home every afternoon with their list of new friends & what they learned that day. Their classes are similar in their curricullums but the teachers each have different teaching styles. The kids were even invited to their 1st Birthday party from a classmate that we went to on Saturday. I meet with Dakotas teacher tomorrow just to have a touch base about Dakota. Madisons teacher actually called this evening to tell me how much she enjoys having Madison in her class & that she is the little helper not just for her but for all the students. Yes at home we call her Mommy Madison. I will hopefully get some input about Riley soon from her teacher as well. Her teacher is the one I am not all that impressed with so we will see. By the end of last week I was so bored that I decided to look for a job. I went up to the outlet mall & applied at The Gap. I worked for Old Navy until I was 20 weeks pregnant with the trips as a Manager so I decided what the hell. My sweet husband is totally against me working especially in retail. I promised him it was only part time just something to fill the void in my mornings. Well Gap pretty much hired me on the spot & today was my first day. I am doing shipment & even though I was only there 4 hours (6am-10am) I was totally exhausted when I got home & so sore from all the I havent lifted anything except my children in a long time. My first day was good but we will see. So my husband decided to buy the kids a set of golf clubs this past weekend (yes real ones not the plastic kind). He took them to the park to hit balls (plastic woofle ball golf balls) & they had a blast. Suprisingly, they were all connecting with the ball. Riley is my very athletic kid & she is good at every sport. She was upset when the other two wanted to be done because they were sweating to death. When it cools down Steve can take them out to the driving range which I am sure they will all LOVE. I guess that sums up the last week for us. Ciao for now :)

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